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By Patricia Roberts

July 29, 2020

Patti Roberts, PIO
Office: 850-401-6353

DeFuniak Springs, Fla. –. DOH Walton/Walton Community Health Center is conducting
free COVID 19 testing in DOH -Walton clinic locations in Santa Rosa Beach, DeFuniak
Springs and Paxton by appointment only. Call 850-401-6453 for more information and to
schedule an appointment. Antibody tests are not available.

Demographic information on cases due to ongoing epidemiological
are provisional and subject to change: Walton County total cases
(1119) new cases reported July 29 (24). Municipalities by zip code can be found on
the dashboard (click on the bottom of the page Cases by Zip code) The community median age for July 29 is (45), ages
range from 0-83, Females (10), Males (14) Daily community data excludes
outbreaks at Walton County Jail and Long-Term Care Facilities.

There have been 12 deaths with confirmed COVID-19. Current COVID19
Hospitalizations in Walton County Hospitals (12)
This data may include persons
other than Walton County cases.

Included in total cases is 64 Walton County jail inmates located in DeFuniak
Springs which are listed as DeFuniak Springs cases.

Included in total cases is 76 residents and/or staff that have tested positive for COVID-
19 in one Long Term Care Facility in DeFuniak Springs, and 5 in one Long Term Care
Facility in Miramar Beach. The daily COVID-19 report also includes information from
the Agency for Health Care Administration, by county about cases and deaths related
to staff or residents in long-term care facilities his report is also available at

Effective July 2, 2020, COVID-19 confirmed through antigen testing are included in
overall case counts. Antigen tests are a new way to check for active COVID-19
infection at the time of your appointment.

The Public Health Advisory provides the following recommendations:

All individuals in Florida should wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in
any setting where social distancing is not possible, both indoors and outdoors,
unless any of the following apply:
o A child is under two years of age;
o An individual has one or more medical conditions or disabilities that prevent
wearing a face covering;
o An individual is obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which
temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service;

o An individual works in a profession where use of a face covering will not be
compatible with the duties of the profession; or
o An individual is engaged in outdoor work or recreation with appropriate social
Businesses and organizations are encouraged to require individuals who enter the
premises to wear a face covering.
All individuals should refrain from participation in social or recreational gatherings of more than 10 people. For all gatherings of fewer than 10 people, individuals should practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of at least six feet from each other and wearing a face covering.
This is a reinforcement of the previously issued advisory as well as direction that has been provided in the task force report for a
Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s
here to review this Public Health Advisory.
DOH Walton stresses the importance of following the local, state, federal and CDC guidelines and
practicing social distancing to protect those that are most at risk.
Governor DeSantis issued
Executive Order 20-83, directing the State Surgeon General and State Health Officer to issue a
public health advisory to all persons over 65 years of age urging them to stay home and to take
such other measures as necessary to limit their risk of exposure to COVID-19.
Protect the vulnerable by avoiding the Three Cs: Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and
Close-Contact Settings and by wearing a mask in public:
1. Closed Spaces. Avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation that could allow contagious droplets
to linger in the air.
2. Crowded Places. Avoid crowded places with many people nearby; the greater the number of
individuals in an area, the greater the chances of COVID-19 spreading from person-to-person.
3. Close-Contact Settings. Avoid close-range conversations and stay at least six-feet from
Additional Data
The state provides a report detailing surveillance data for every Florida county, which is available
In order to make the daily COVID-19 report easier to download and more accessible, the daily
report will now separate case line data in a separate PDF. Both reports will continue to be updated
daily. The case line data report is available
Florida long-term care facility data:
The list of long-term care facilities with active COVID-19 cases is available here.
The list of long-term care facilities with deaths is available here, which is updated weekly.
The antibody COVID-19 test results report will be provided once a week and contains county,
race and lab information on antibody COVID-19 tests conducted in Florida. The report for
antibody tests conducted by private health care providers is available
here and the report for
antibody tests conducted at state- supported COVID-19 testing sites is available
The Agency for Health Care Administration added an additional tab to the
Hospital Bed Capacity
to reflect hospitalizations with the primary diagnosis of COVID-19.
More information on a case-by-case basis can also be found here.
DOH-Walton has also initiated the use of Nextdoor application for Public Agencies, to
share information with Walton County residents. For more information and/or to sign up
To find the most up-to-date information and guidance on COVID-19, please visit the Department
of Health’s dedicated COVID-19 website at For any other questions
related to COVID-19 in Florida, call (866) 779-6121. The Call Center is available 24 hours per
day or email
The free StrongerThanC19 app is available to both iOS and Android users and can be
downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores.
The StrongerThanC19 app and website are
designed to gather information to help the Department of Health track and slow the spread of
COVID-19 in Florida; they are not intended to be used as a symptom checker designed to
dispense medical advice.
For information and advisories from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), please visit the CDC
COVID-19 website at
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promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and
community efforts.
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