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Swim Lessons in Escambia County

By DOH-Escambia

May 01, 2015

The weather is heating up and for many Floridians this means it's time to cool off in the pool. While a day of playing in the pool can be fun, injuries and illnesses due to water-related activities increase during this time of year.

Waterproof Florida encourages layers of protection that include supervision, barriers and emergency preparedness. Touch supervision is encouraged when young children are around any type of water, including bathtubs, pools, and natural water bodies.

Learn more about touch supervision at You can also learn more about other layers of protection on the WaterproofFL website.

In our community, swim lessons are being offered by the following groups*:

    • Langley Avenue Branch         850-478-1222
    • Downtown Branch                 850-438-4406
    • Roger Scott Pool                   850-595-1218
    • Hunter Pool                          850-436-5197

*This list reflects the best of our research at the time of publication and may not be fully inclusive of all programs in Escambia County, Florida. If you know of other programs or would like to be included, please contact us.